Something happens to people who are challenged to go beyond their fears to a place of trust. They walk a little taller. Laugh a little easier. They instinctively choose to live the best version of themselves.

This video is a great representation of what a full day of team building looks like when you ask Odyssey for Youth to come to YOUR SCHOOL for a service learning project. Contact us today to find out how we can work together to make a difference with our Give Back activities. 


About Odyssey

Since 1991, Odyssey Teams has been dedicated to the growth, empowerment, and inspiration of youth through our innovative team building methods. We bring experience, professionalism, and passion to our programs.  

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team building Programs

What are you looking for? We want to INSPIRE your students. Leadership, trust, communication, teamwork, and anti-bullying are just a few of the key topics we are ready to dive into with your students, as we teach and they learn through memorable experiences.

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