For over 25 Years Odyssey has been inspiring our future leaders to reflect on their values, their goals, and their reflexive tendencies. We believe that teaching children to become the best version of themselves is needed now, more than ever! 


Helping Hands Project

The Helping Hands Project™ is about discovery, inspiring your team, and giving back in a big way. During this globally recognized, team building program, your team will build prosthetic hands needed by hundreds of thousands of amputees around the world.

We believe that life-changing moments are created while learning valuable lessons in purpose-driven work, community-centric thinking, team collaboration, all in combination with critical teaming skills.

Join hundreds of other schools and organizations and thousands of participants who have experienced this powerful team building activity. Through our Helping Hands Project, together we have donated, built, and delivered over 29,000 hands to amputees in more than 75 developing countries.

This inspirational team building activity is available in both Helping Hands LIVE (with expert Odyssey Teams facilitation) and our DIY Build-a-Hand Team building kit, that invites you to lead the way. 

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Photos of our LN-4 Hand Recipients


Odyssey has had the pleasure of partnering with the 71 Rotary Clubs of Rotary International District 5160 to provide "A Life Changing Experience" for a select group of high school seniors for over 15 years. Camp Royal provides a safe, introspective, environment among the Trinity Mountains at the Bar 717 Ranch in Hyanpom, California. Would you like Odyssey to provide programming for your camp or leadership retreat? Watch the 2018 video to see what the participants have to say about their Camp Royal experience. 

team building Programs

What are you looking for? We want to INSPIRE your students. Leadership, trust, communication, teamwork, and anti-bullying are just a few of the key topics we are ready to dive into with your students, as we teach and they learn through memorable experiences. From supporting STEM curriculum to advocating for Outdoor Education, Odyssey for Youth has a program for you!

Ropes Odyssey - Team Building and adventure combine with a beautiful natural setting among the trees of Paradise, California, to bring you an experience like no other - The Ropes Course Odyssey. Perfect for sports teams, field trips, Girl Scout and Boy Scout Journey's, and Corporate Team Building, our multi-element course is sure to challenge groups of all to work together through the High-V, Flying Squirrel, Climbing Wall, and "The Pole". Request pricing here

Life Cycles – The original, first of its kind team bike building process where participants make a bicycle for a child - followed by that child walking right into the doors of the program itself! Few programs are as impacting for the participant as well as the recipient as the Life Cycles Live program. Book a program here

The Board Meeting - Put down your cell phone, shut down your laptop, roll up your sleeves and lube up your bearings because you’re going to build skateboards for kids. However, it won’t be just FOR kid…it’s going to be WITH kids. Your group will be partnering with under privileged youth to help create and assemble their new ride. Just as you’d expect from all Odyssey Teams’ give back activities, we’ve packed The Board Meeting – Skateboard Project with powerful metaphors and a context that is reflective of your organization's goals and values. Start the paperwork here

Keynotes - Are you planning an Etiquette Dinner and don't know where to start? Need some inspiration at your next school assembly? How about an anti-bullying message that reaches participants through interactive activities, music, and heartfelt testimonies? Our Experiential Keynote programs are developed with the participant in mind, hand in hand with parents, teachers, and administrators. Get the ball rolling here

Superheroes - They aren't only in the movies - they reside in each and every one of us! Our Superhero workshop gives participants an opportunity to reflect on their super powers, challenge their strengths, and acknowledge reflexive tendencies that act as kryptonite to a cohesive team. Appropriate for all ages, please bring your sense of imagination. Prepare to assemble here