Activities in abundance

Morning activities

In the morning before breakfast for early risers there were many opportunities for morning activities, the most popular of which was Chi Gong, a mindfulness and meditation type exercise led by Chau every morning. Some people did yoga, Elise led a short run or exercise every morning, some people journaled, and some just sat and talked before the start of a busy day. Many people also slept in.

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Free time

Throughout the week we had many opportunities for free time and had plenty of options, most people took part in the volleyball tournament and let their competitive sides come out en route to playing and defeating the counselor volleyball team. However there were plenty of other things to do as well including basketball, camping games, and just hanging and relaxing out of the hot sun.

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Each night we had the pleasure of getting to watch original skits put on by each platform. Some made fun of themselves, some made fun of the counselors, some made fun of other platforms, MANY made fun of Maasen but they were all hilarious innocent fun. We even got to see an additional skit on the last night which is a special skit where a new counselor gets BOBOed.

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