Who are the lordly lads of Aquarius?

Counselor: Maasen (Mae Mae)

Campers: Wil (Wil the thrill), Campbell (Campbell soups), Ian (Wolfman), Lane (Midnight train Lane), Carlos (Carlitos), Abe (Abe the animal), Mike (Mikewillmadeit), Abhi (Abeef with nobody), and Tony (The falcon).

About Aquarius: 

Aquarius is a platform unlike any other. We had some amazing times such as the great and ongoing sandwich debate, the Aquarius production of Little Red Riding Hood, the night of the great raid on Aquarius and the subsequent retaliatory raid on Snake Pit, and of course the volleyball tournaments. We met as a group of strangers from all over the state and quickly became an inseparable squad the likes of which Camp Royal has never seen. We were all so grateful to Maasen our counselor for being consistently transparent both about himself as a person and about his expectations of us, he taught us to let camp happen to us and he was right there by our side leading by example. We had the most fun we could have possibly asked for and at the end of the week our only regret was that it had ended.


“Good speech Maasen” “Well I really had no other choice”

“Lasagna is a sandwich and I will eat it with my bare hands to prove a point”