Meet Lain Hensley

Odyssey for Youth has spoken to thousands of students and has identified ways to make students think differently and bring out their potential. Ask about our keynote programs or let us tailor a program to your schools needs. All of our programs are experiential and interactive.

Campus cohesion odyssey

A cohesive campus is the goal of progressive educational institutions. The Campus Cohesion Odyssey is designed to break down cliques and unite students behind healthy common goals.


Egos, cliques, friendships, diversity and campus norms are just a few of the realities your students will need to manage as leaders. At the Leadership Odyssey, students will learn new skills in these areas and become more powerful as role-models for other students.

Superhero Odyssey

Superheros are among us everyday. They answer the call (or cause) in both subtle and world-changing ways. We us comic book metephors to bring out the greatness in everyone.


  • Articulate their unique power – What makes them heroic?

  • Understand that powers are manifested – by birthright, random act, technology, choice

  • Defend against villains and super-villains – Every superhero has them

 Lain Hensley, COO of Odyssey Team speaking about leadership.

Lain Hensley, COO of Odyssey Team speaking about leadership.

 Jeremy Bates (THE HOPE DEALER )

Jeremy Bates (THE HOPE DEALER)

Meet Jeremy bates ("The hope dealer")

Since 2007, Jeremy has been traveling the world as the Hope Dealer, offering the most relevant, engaging, powerful presentations on the market. Infusing his programs with a unique blend of live, interactive music and personal stories filled with humor and humility. Jeremy is able to create an environment cloaked in authentic-ity where it is cool to HOPE more, LEARN more, LOVE more and DO more. Taking advantage of the fact that music creates memories and communicates the unknowable; Jeremy sends audiences out the door with an experience they will never forget.


No more didactic lectures or powerpoint presentations. If you are looking to enhance an existing conference agenda with some spark, look no further. Revolution Speak can create customized workshops to reach any number of desired outcomes.

Hope Dealers Unite

We need individual and social change and we need it now. This presentation will use large group activities and music to breakdown participants’ personal barriers and perceptions, and create an environment where visions of change can occur. The workshop outlines leadership qualities that must be incorporated at the individual level, and at the group/community level, in order to create the changes we are seeking.

An Opportunity for Who?

This workshop will work to expand participants’ definition of culture (ie. the culture of poverty, minority culture, and corporate/business culture etc.) and identify similarities and differences between cultures.

videos of Jeremy bates - the hope dealer

Music is the ultimate tool of engagement. . .and I use it daily!! This is the beginning of our show at the 2012 Allstate Youth Traffic Safety Conference, held at Disneyland.

Building Community Engagement. Jeremy Bates, the hope dealer inpires again. 

The Power of 10. Jeremy Bates Assembly. Through his one-of-a-kind presentation, Jeremy is able to lace authenticity and vulnerability in his stories, while providing audiences the "tools" that gave him hope.

Growing up in a family defined by addiction and dysfunction, Jeremy Bates knows firsthand the importance of developing resiliency, cultivating dreams, and never losing hope.