Who are the lovely ladies of Big Foot?

Counselor: Bella

Campers: Meredith, Samantha, Lily, Kate, Jordan, Yailin, Alison, Anissa, Lexi, and Grace

About Big Foot: 

The girls in the Big Foot platform are some of the most outgoing and energetic people out there. We enjoy having fun and have lived the camp experience to the absolute fullest we could. Over this past week many of us got a chance to open up and truly be ourselves. This is because every single girl on this platform was fully committed to making this a safe and welcoming place for anyone. We were able to create this instant bond because of our willingness to talk and connect using humor and honesty. We wasted no time in getting to know each other and were best friends the very first night. This platform was my home away from home, the definition of authentic, and the best experience I could have asked for from this camp.


“Full sand”

“There’s no discount at the counter of success”