BILL JOHN,   CEO, Co-Founder

                                                                                                BILL JOHN, CEO, Co-Founder

There ain’t nothin’ Bill John can’t do. Seriously. If you asked him to make a rocket out of a palm tree, it might take him a while, but he’d find a way. Bill’s one of those guys who’s just naturally good at things. Athletics. Business. Inventing. Knowing the players. Even marriage. And as CEO and Co-founder of Odyssey, he’s exceptionally good at devising new ways for people to reach into themselves and pull out their very best. Bill believes in the power of the present. In the existential ecstasy of the here and now. He dares himself to be himself. Completely. Authentically. Heroically. He’ll settle for nothing less than the super-sized version of everything. He’s living his Big Life. And you’re invited to the party.