Who are the lordly lads of Corral?

Counselor: Lam

Campers: Ethan, Tico, Sean, Andrew, Bryan, Michael, Spencer, David, and Tony.

About Corral:

At first we were all a little nervous and skeptical of how this camp experience would develop, however as time went on we started to open up to each other and that’s when the magic began. Andrew started to let his energy come out, Spencer became more comfortable, David told us about his aspirations, Michael branched out to make new friends, Tico showed his humor, Sean learned to be compassionate, Bryan showed us all his lovable quirks, Tony ventured out of his shell, and Ethan became the funniest guy we know. This camp was an adventure in which we discovered a part of ourselves. We are extremely grateful to our counselor Lam and to Rotary for giving us this opportunity.


“Tashi Delek”

“Where there is will power we will find the way power”