Meet our caring counselors through the eyes of our camper reporters.


Andrea Barnes


Even Though I did not have the pleasure of getting Andrea as my counselor, I still feel as thought I got to know a little bit about her. This year was Andrea’s third year being a Camp Royal Counselor, and she is doing an amazing job! Andrea’s personality is mostly energy and compassion. These two personality traits allow her to excel in volleyball, as well as pursue her true passion: Helping others. Andrea says that assisting others in completing their goals isn’t much but she loves it. She is currently attending Butte College pursuing a degree in environmental studies with a focus on mapping.

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Nick Harris

DA Pines

Nick is a 39 year old counselor from Redding. This is his second year as a counselor here at Camp Royal. Though he wasn’t able to come to camp himself, he was able to become a counselor after Scott recruited him as a speaker, which is something he greatly appreciates. Camp Royal has shown him who he is and allowed him to ind what hes searching for. After taking Robbi’s personality test he discovered that he is a structure. Outside of camp Nick’s passion is playing, listening to, and creating music, in fact Nick’s main goal is to provide service through music. Nick manages multiple bands which allows him to support lesser known bands and help them reach their goals. Nick’s favorite color is red, his favorite sport is Rugby, and his special talents include his crazy work ethic, and his ability to open up other peoples emotions. Nick would like everyone to know that he does NOT shave his eyebrows.

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Jamie Engel

Sluice Box

This is Jamie’s first year at camp Royal. She has really enjoyed camp and feels like she is even closer with her platform since they have gone through the camp experience for the first time together. Jamie is a Hamilton native who moved to Chico a year ago and moved in with her friend Andrea. In her limited free time Jamie enjoys rock climbing, walking in Bidwell park, and playing beach volleyball in Lain’s backyard which is what got her her job at Odyssey. When she returns from camp Jamie will be soul searching, finishing up school, and volunteering. I’m sure Jamie will be back and ready to enjoy the experience all over again.


Jerad Prevost


Two Years ago Jerad Joined not only the Camp Royal team but the Odyssey team as well. Out of his two years as a counselor here Jerad’s favorite part has been seeing everyone come together during free time to be happy and play together. What Camp Royal has done for Jerad is give him hope for the next generation. When at home Jerad manages multiple apartment complexes and works as an independent contractor facilitating leadership activities for Odyssey. He got the second job when he saw Lain speak at a Chico State event, walked right up to him and said “I’m going to work for you.” When he gets home Jerad wants to jump in the Hot tub and relax. Jerad is a man of much seasoning.

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Nicole Gordon

Twin Fawns

This was Nicole’s first year as a Camp Royal Counselor when she stepped up and became the leader of Twin Fawns. Nicole became a counselor because Jamie, her long time friend, sent her a vague text about going to a camp. She has brought to it her amazing volleyball skills and her always positive attitude. Her favorite part of camp has been watching campers build lifelong connections.


Maasen Spalding


Though all counselors at Camp Royal are amazing, Maasen is definitely one of my favorites. His charismatic personality and his heart felt talks made him easy to trust. Not only would he invite lots of people to spend time talking with him at night, he would genuinely listen to what everyone had to say. Though Maasen never attended Camp Royal as a camper he went to another life changing camp called Shasta Youth Leadership Camp. This was Maasen’s first year as a counselor here which we were all made aware of when he was Bobo’d on Thursday night. Not only has he made an impact on the campers here, i know the campers have made an impact on him as well.

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Gina Nerone


Gina’s a two-time counselor and also attended camp as a junior in high school. This year Gina touched many campers with sharing her life struggles and let everyone know they are not alone. Her fun loving energy can be felt all over the camp. The board breaking exercise is her favorite thing about camp because she struggled as a camper. The feeling when she broke her board was unforgettable.

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Cole Felt

Snake Pit

Although it's sad to say its Cole’s last year as a counselor, we’re glad we got to spend it with him. His last year ended with a boom. He first started as a camper and enjoyed the immense comfort Camp Royal brought to him. Since 2013, he has been a counselor this year has been Tip Top singing him happy birthday although his real birthday is January 18th. Cole has been an inspiration of where you can go and he’ll continue to be so. Fun Fact: Hasn’t been out of the country but will next week. Quote: “Don’t give up what you want most for a fleeting pleasure”

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Elise Siam

Talking Timbers

Our one of a kind, out of this world, Elise is a rad human. She started counseling seven years ago in 2012 where she learned this was her vocation. Elise recalls she was very nervous and excited to begin her journey at CAMP ROYAL! To her it was very important to inspire kids and work with high school students. The reason we are lucky to have Elise in our lives is because of one person, Alex Vanderwerk. He reintroduced her to Lain and from there the rest is history. Thank you Elise for being an inspiration. Fun Fact: Crazy sugar addict Quote: “Just Be You!”

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Mama Jane


Mama Jane leads the Trailside platform with charisma and grace she is a sweet woman, who like many counselors has had her fair share of mental setbacks to be here. Despite having gone through a lot throughout her life, Mama Jane’s story is one that has touched us all at camp. We are all so grateful to have had the opportunity to hear what she has to say, experience her leadership and truly understand what leadership is through making Camp Royal a better place for all campers to live and learn.

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Jean Luong

Red Bud

Jean is an inspirational woman whose life embodies the definition of struggle. When she came to the US from Vietnam as a child desperate for survival, her future looked uncertain. However, she managed to push past her situation becoming a successful nurse practitioner. Now her focus is on pediatric oncology, and she strives everyday to make her family proud. She’s been a counselor at Camp Royal for 10 years, inspired by the opportunity to work with youth to encourage them to better themselves and better herself as well. She loves connecting with campers, and at camp, she is known for her warm hugs and constant smile and positivity, Jean is a bright light every campers life, always there to lend an ear or a hug when needed. Jean, we are all so grateful for your love, infectious positivity and the kindness you bring to camp.

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Sam Steyart

Tip Top

Sam is a Camp Royal alumni who treats Camp Royal as if she herself is a camper. Throughout the week she has expressed her background in theatre and has demonstrated leadership of the Tip Top platform. Samantha is a bright and bubbly person who has overcome immense physical and mental setbacks to be at Camp Royal; we are so grateful that she is here to support and be a friend to all of us at the Tip Top platform and at Camp Royal as a whole.

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Seth Johnson


The man from Montana. Seth’s story is an inspiration and boy is he truly a renaissance man. From having a rough childhood to enduring the struggles and hardships of drugs and alcohol since the age of 11 this man has seen the ups and downs of reality. Seth has taken on many different careers in his life and gaining more and more life experience out of them. This is Seth’s first time as a counselor and in this week he has provided his knowledge and experience of the real world to us campers. Seth has battled to overcome his fear of success and is proud of who he is today.

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Bella Do

Big Foot

Bella came to the U.S. through the Rotary youth exchange program when she was only seventeen and had to the the hardships of being in a foreign country with English as her second language. However she persevered because she believed she was capable of anything. Bella feels like getting her platform to bond and connect is her greatest ability. Bella’s story is like a rocket, and through belief in herself and through camp royal she has built a perfectly strong base for her rocket to take off from.

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Lam Duong


Lam is the leader of Corral, which is fitting because this is not his first rodeo. Having been a counselor for almost 10 years Lam has seen a thing or two and done a thing or two out at the Bar 717 ranch. Lam came over to the U.S in 1992 from his native country of Vietnam. He is passionate about youth activities and sees them as an opportunity to “Reflect on the beauty of life” Lam is Married with no children and when hes not at camp he is a Hardware engineering director for Ebay.

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Bethany Vader

Gold Pan

At first glance, Bethany seems a little crazy, and she might be, but Bethany is incredibly caring. At 25 she loves to dance and travel all over the world, she has so far been to thirteen countries and counting. She is a teacher and a subcontractor facilitator for Odyssey teams and hopes to soon be a professor. Bethany is the master of setting goals and taking the necessary steps to make them come true. Bethany wants to remind everyone to look for their red umbrella and go get it.