Who are the lordly lads of Da Pines?

Counselor: Nick

Campers: Max, Jared, Edgar, Rory, Rohan, Cody, Ethan, Nico, Justin

About Da pines: 

Although a platform is comprised of many different personalities, we all clicked very well very quickly. All of us are athletes and play a wide range of sports. Though we all come from different backgrounds, when brought together we all bonded within a matter of mere hours. Members of our platform can always be seen together whether sitting in the amphitheater, walking to and from activities, or hanging together during free time. Overall our platform was very outgoing, we participated in any and all opportunities that were given to us and did so with enthusiasm. Every learning about the personality types in the human factor experience we discovered that each type was represented by at least one person in our platform and this only strengthened our understanding of each other. We are incredibly grateful to our counselor Nick Harris for his unwavering love and positivity.


“Jean pants” “The meatball is in the Spaghet”

“The world needs what you have to give”

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