Evening speakers:

Each night we had the pleasure of listening to the stories and life advice of various adults at camp.

Who and what?

Monday we had Scott our camp director tell the story of his escape with his wife and infant daughter from the camp fire as it took their home in Magalia. We also had Aaron, one of our on site Rotarians regale us with the tale of his life and finding a way to do something that makes him happy.

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Tuesday we had a combination of our wonderful counselors that consisted of Nick, Mama Jane, Sam, Andrea, Gina, And Maasen.

Nick told us the story of of his life and battle with drug and alcohol addiction and his quest to play music. Mama Jane told us harrowing story of losing her son, a one time camp royal camper, in a drunk driving accident, and how coming back every year is a way to honor his memory and make the world a better place as she knew he would have. Sam regaled her story about fighting mental illness’ and physical illnesses and still never giving up. Andrea and Gina shared with us their separate battles with sexual assault and the many faces it can take. Finally Maasen told his story of growing up with a teen mom and not becoming a statistic but rather writing his own story.

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Wednesday we had another group of counselors speak in Cole, Seth, and Jean. As well as a special presentation about Rotary courtesy of Kelly Nickel.

Cole told us the story of his life and his job as a bank auditor and told us about the many changes he has been through in his long time as a counselor and announced that next year he would return not as a counselor but as the rotary logistics director of camp. Seth told us about his battle with himself and overcoming his fear of success to be able to finally look at himself and be proud. Then Jean inspired us all with the tale of her escape from her native Vietnam and her rescue and the time it took to finally make it to America and become successful despite speaking no English at the time.

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Thursday we had the pleasure of hearing from Elise, Jerad, Bella, And Bethany.

Elise told us the story of her life and losing her first love and how she was able to come from nothing to being a marketing mastermind making major money. Jerad told us all about how life’s challenges are just a little seasoning on the steak that is you, and that he is proud to be a well seasoned meal. Bella told us her struggle of coming to America at 17 knowing very little English and fighting against the odds to become a pharmaceutical engineer and get into a PHD program. Bethany helped us understand goal setting and making small steps toward a big goal, what is our red umbrella?

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