“There are two things I point to when people ask me what has allowed me to be successful. One is a mindset of reflection, and the second is the ability to facilitate. I learned facilitation from Odyssey. That training has profoundly affected my life...
— Laura Robinson (25 years teaching)

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Facilitation/ Classroom Management

1 day

Transform your classroom into a place of growth, challenge, excitement, structure, and holistic learning!

The Basics

  • 1 day -jam packed training
  • 15 interactive, fun, thought-provoking activities
  • “How to’s” on leading conversations with students that develop their social emotional awareness
  • A user-friendly, take-home booklet with detailed descriptions of dozens of games
  • Learn how teambuilding facilitation can enhance your classroom management skills on a day-to-day basis


Would you like to see your students more engaged?  Better communicators?  More mature in their responses to each other and the larger world?  More able to focus in class and work together as a team?  Would you like some new tools to add to your classroom management skills?
Geared specifically for teachers and educators, this full day of fun and learning will be jam packed with great tools. 
Our tried and true techniques can make your classroom become a peaceful, energetic, and cohesive learning environment.

Common Core

All activities align clearly with Common Core anchor standards for college and career readiness.


Facilitator Odyssey

2.5 Day Training

Learn how to facilitate using the activities and props found in our popular “Treasure Chest". Learn the tricks and tips from years of professional facilitation.

Odyssey for Youth's Faciliator's Odyssey is designed to provide trainers and educators with the skills they need to effectively lead groups through any learning experience. We'll teach you everything we've learned in the past 25 years from the best educators, coaches, and students from around the world. As a participant, you will acquire the skills you need to create an environment where learning becomes the MOTIVATOR for group SUCCESS and individual ACHIEVEMENT. You will also learn valuable coaching techniques as you guide groups through various learning opportunities.

what will I Learn?

After completing this training, you will be able to:

  • Lead structured activities from Odyssey training kits
  • Facilitate group discussion and interaction
  • Create challenging and safe learning environments
  • Effectively manage conflict within a team setting
  • Increase the enjoyment and effectiveness of your existing program
  • Teach, train and facilitate with more confidence

who should attend?

  • Trainers
  • Team Leaders
  • Educators
  • Anyone responsible for creating learning environments


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For more information contact us at (530) 342-1650 or email us at scott@odysseyteams.com

“There is so much valuable information presented in these three days I will be able to utilize it in every aspect of my job.”
— Karen Peters, Internal Trainer, Phelps Dodge Corporation