Who are the lovely ladies of Goldpan?

Counselor: Bethany

Campers: Maddy, Jillian, Kristin, Gracie, Joana, Allison, Melissa, and jade

About Goldpan:

What is Goldpan? Start with one large mixing bowl, toss in three cups of tired, add in four cups of inspired, a pinch of unnecessary alarms, stir in a copious amount of sass, and let it all marinate for a week. Toppings include: M-Swizzle, B-Money, J-Dogg, JadeyG123,K-powchicken, Tislberry, M&M, Jogo, and G wagon. Flavor Profile: resistant to table games, inspired, laughter, endless hugs, endless, smiles, and endless sweat. Finished product: One exhaustively amazing week.


“Be comfortable being uncomfortable” “Live in the moment”

“Good stuff” “Life’s not fair Gracie”