Who are the lordly lads of Hayloft?

Counselor: Jerad

Campers: Pablo, Christian, Jacob, Andrus, Cade, Rico, Connor, and Clay.

About Hayloft: 

Hayloft is led by the caring, well seasoned, approachable, musically gifted, GOAT Jerad. When asked to describe the boys of hayloft he had this to say about them all. Cade: Personable, knowledgeable. Andrus: Problem solver and magician. Jacob: Smooth, stoic, loves to have conversations. Rico: Mature, committed. Clay: Vivacious, opportunistic. Pablo: Expert communicator, awesome sense of humor. Connor: Positive, ambitious, kind. Christian: Positive spirit, genuine. As a group of strangers this platform came together with deep talks past bedtime and became closer than they every imagined.


“This is a why camp not a how to be camp”

“You can lead a horse to water, but you cant make it drink. BUT you can make it thirsty”

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