High and Low Ropes Programs

you come to us:

  • Full Day High Ropes Legacy(6-8 Hours): Includes icebreakers, low ropes, high ropes, set up, tear down, and debrief. This event is geared for groups who are looking to make their experience truly transformative. We specialize the day to the themes you want to promote.
  • Half Day High Ropes Discovery (2-4 Hours) : Get a taste of our high ropes event! Have fun in a memorable and impacting way.
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we come to you:

  • Low Ropes / Teaming Session: Low ropes team building and trust activities customized to your programs needs.
  • Leadership Strides: Bring out the leadership potential in your students with a half day of specialized team building and leadership activities.


what is a ropes course?

The ropes course is a medium for experiential learning, growth and change. Odyssey for Youth's programs offer specific experiences in the areas of self-concept, communication, team-work, trust, decision-making, risk-taking, and change readiness.

Our programs typically begin with a classroom briefing and move on to a series of action-oriented, problem-solving exercises. Participants are challenged to approach each successive activity with greater innovation, creativity, and perseverance. At the conclusion of the activity, team members examine the extent to which individual and group behavior affected the outcome. It is through this process that  participants gain valuable insight that will transfer back to their personal and professional lives with powerful results.


We have taken some of the best simulations, theory, and assessments and blended them into the Low Ropes Odyssey. It is true some of the simulations may include a rope or two, but most have nothing to do with them. Odyssey's unique twist on experience and reflection can turn the simplest activity into an opportunity for change and growth. These events are an amazing lead up to the High Ropes or can stand alone. We can also bring the low ropes to you!

What are High ropes?

While the High Ropes course may include cables, platforms, logs, boards, trees and ropes, there is much more involved. Over the past two decades we have mastered the use of these props to instill specific life skills into students, teachers, line workers, cancer patients, gang-members, couples and executives. More than 40,000 people have learned about themselves and each other in ways that at least changed their perspective and at best changed their lives.

physical ability? Participation?

Rest assured, our Low and High Ropes elements have been developed with most physical abilities and attitudes in mind. Please let us know if your participants have any special needs.

Odyssey locations:

Our primary high ropes site is in Paradise, California, however, we have partnered with locations around the globe! Please contact us for the location nearest you or let us come to you.