Team Mosaic Odyssey

Bring your team together by creating a lasting piece of art. We each contribute in our small way but together, we create something beautiful. Small 4x4 pieces of the canvas are painted by each member of your team or each student in your school. The simple collaboration of this event is revealed in the magical moment when the bigger picture is revealed. 

  • Customized art
  • Unified School 
  • Beautiful, lasting piece of art

Sports Teams Odyssey

"A C4 Odyssey" 

At Odyssey for Youth we want to bring our expertise to working with sports teams. We bring you "A C4 Odyssey," a journey to help athletic administrators, coaches, and players perform at their highest level.

C4 (communication, chemistry, consistency, and creativity) are extrememly powerful tools. When combined  C4 can transform individuals into motivated, dedicated, and competitive players; therefore building unified, winning and productive teams.        

What is c4

  •  Communication – listening with an empathetic ear which empowers players to understand their teammates, coaches on a deeper level and therefore incorporate and express ideas which lead to improved performance.
  • Chemistry – developing trust in oneself to bring and receive value to and from teammates/coaches; ultimately allowing players to play more relaxed, accept their roles and therefore deliver for the team.
  • Consistency – consistently challenge thoughts and perspectives.Perception can limit potential, so consistently challenging individuals to step out of their comfort zone ensures players continually strive to get better.
  • Creativity – overcoming fear to share ideas.  Players who can express their ideas and acknowledge others talents while accepting constructive criticism are leaders.  Winning teams have a team full of creative leaders!

A C4 Odyssey provides a framework for teams to develop concrete leadership skills that immediately transfer to the classroom and field of play.  The workshop is set-up like a football game and has four quarters of non-stop action.   Each quarter addresses one aspect of C4 with the goal of reaching outcomes that build winners. The workshop is hands on and delivers tools that have proven to allow teams to build connections that stand the test of time. This is not a one and done program, Odyssey Teams is committed to helping individuals sustain the “tools” developed from the workshop and offers a workbook to reinforce positive choices, one action at a time. Odyssey Teams highly suggests a follow up program(s) to sharpen “the tools” and to reinforce building a winning culture.

Typical Workshop Activities Include:

Communication – Introviews that serve to get participants discussing positive influences in their lives and plant the seed for creating connections among team members that might not interact on a regular basis.

Chemistry – Numerous options to highlight this concept including Trust Falls that establish learning how to trust yourself to bring and receive value from the connections in your life.

Consistency – Numerous options to highlight this concept including “Developing Your Odyssey”, a way to help your athletes harness the power of their story. This segment provides a structure for players and coaching staff to work through the ups and downs of life by finding deep meaning to life’s challenges and inspirations. 

Creativity – Numerous options to highlight this concept including True Colors.  True Colors is an activity that challenges your team’s ability to work together (blindfolded). Participants are blindfolded and then handed a shape or shapes and instructed to identify the two missing shapes and their color.  In this extremely challenging activity, participants True Colors come out and teams quickly identify who has True Colors that benefit the team and whose colors are only True to themselves.  

Superhero Odyssey

The superhero workshop is considered an interactive workshop as it is highly effective with groups of 30-150 students. It can also be modified to be assembly style with a whole school. This platform has been used successfully with all age groups from elementary to corporate levels. It is extremely effective with Jr. High and High School. 

where are the superheros of the world? 

They are among us everyday. They answer the call (or cause) in both subtle and world-changing ways.

 The comic book and movie varieties are loaded with powerful metaphors of life – and work. And thus,  

 The Superhero Workshop is designed as a fast-paced experiential journey to build heroic individuals and cultures. 


  • Articulate their unique power – What makes them heroic?

  • Understand that powers are manifested – by birthright, random act, technology, choice

  • Defend against villains and super-villains – Every superhero has them

  • And…

                                             ...ANSWER THE CALL



The following components will be customized based on the main concepts you want to bring to life through experience, discussion, journaling, etc.. Odyssey for Youth's Lead Facilitator and your design team will determine the duration of each component.   

  • What makes a Superhero?

  • How did/do they acquire their super-power?

  • What's their cause?

  • Answering the Call: When do you (or don’t you) answer?

  • Kryptonite: What gives you power that also takes it away?

  • Villains: Identify the villains.

  • Little Voices activity – role play heroic support and villainous ways

“For the past 5 years, Jeff Christian has played an integral role in motivating the students of Sacramento City College’s Summer Success Academy (SSA) Program – our high school to college summer bridge program. The C4 experience has proven to be one of the most memorable experiences for our students. Jeff’s obvious dedication to student success has a lasting effect. In particular, the interactive nature of the C4 experience has helped SSA students form a bond with each other that proves to be helpful in their college careers and beyond. The passion displayed in each of his C4 presentations is contagious. Jeff has also adapted the C4 experience to meet the particular needs of our varied populations, integrating popular culture, outdoor activities and student involvement in a way that captured our audiences. I can confidently recommend Jeff Christian and his C4 experience!”
— Ken Times, EOPS Counselor at Sacramento City College