Team Mosaic Odyssey

Each participant will feel the value of contributing towards a beautiful piece of art that will live on long after the program concludes! Whether you are bringing in our facilitation team to lead your Team Mosaic build or you are purchasing one of our DIY Team Mosaic Kits, your participants will enjoy a feeling of pride and accomplishment as they see how their contribution to the big picture effected their fellow participants. For group sizes of 30 to 300.

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Superhero Odyssey

We all have a pocketful of Kryptonite. It’s our past. We can’t change it - it can either make us a powerhouse or it can bring us to our knees. This unique workshop helps participants unlock the mysteries of their true nature to discover their inner Superhero. Every single person has SUPER POWERS. We fully believe it, we’ve seen it in action. We’ll show you how to connect with yours - how to use it to improve your life, organization or business. We’ll also address and identify “villains.” The obstacles, thought patterns, negativity bullies, culture, or competitors that are keeping you or your organization from launching to identify and beyond! We’ll even show you how to convert your villains form the Dark Side to the Bright Side of The Force. It’s fun! It’s powerful! It’s Odyssey! For group sizes of 20 to 1000.

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