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Jeremy Bates

Trying to describe what Jeremy Bates creates in an hour, is like to trying to describe the beauty of the Grand Canyon without having stood on the rim yourself. Sure there is live music, belly- laughing humor, and heartfelt moments that will quiet a gym of 2000 participants enough to hear a pin drop. But the way Jeremy weaves all of his talents together with truly life-changing content is something rarely seen, let alone experienced. To him, it’s normal . . .he just calls it Hope Dealing. 

Whatever the issue; ATOD prevention, DUI prevention, bullying prevention, suicide & mental health awareness, drop-out prevention, building healthy relationships, cultural competency, leadership development, building engaging learning environments, or infusing overall inspiration, Jeremy background and natural talents combine to create learning experiences that resonate for a lifetime. 

Growing up in a family defined by addiction and dysfunction, Jeremy knows first hand the importance of developing resiliency, cultivating dreams, and never losing hope. Living through trauma, drug abuse, and abandonment as a child, Jeremy has an amazing story to share. He is able to lace authenticity and vulnerability in his stories, while providing audiences the “tools” that provided him hope in a series of hopeless situations. But Jeremy’s life experience doesn’t stop at his childhood. He also incorporates the failures and successes of his life as a Hope Dealer, a dreamer, a dad, a husband, and a student.

Jeremy has over 19 years of experience as a youth development advocate and educator, including seven years as a drug, alcohol and mental health prevention specialist and mentoring coordinator for the County of San Luis Obispo Mental Health Department. During that time, Jeremy honed his presentation skills, providing over 400 presentations on topics such as youth development, suicide prevention, and ATOD prevention, to audiences ranging in size from 20 to 2000. Jeremy was also involved in prevention efforts at the state level; presenting programs, workshops and keynotes at prevention consortiums, mentoring retreats and youth conferences.

In 2004, while finishing his political science degree at California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, Jeremy stumbled across a quote that would change his life. “Hope has two children, anger and courage. Anger to change the way things are, and courage to make them better,” by Caesar Augustus. In 2007, Jeremy mustered the courage to leave the security of a government job, and begin Revolution Speak. With his personal and professional life experience fueling his passion, Jeremy set off on a journey to empower youth and adults to once again foster dreams and aspirations. To deal hope in a way that would get people angry enough with their current situation to want to change, and more importantly, show them they have the courage inside to make things different. Jeremy says; “Hope is a four letter word that will define life or death. However much you have will determine the greatness you find in life, and how little you have will determine the amount of risky behaviors you engage with in life. It’s that simple.” 

Since 2007, Jeremy has been traveling the country as the Hope Dealer, offering the most relevant, engaging, powerful presentations on the market. Infusing his programs with a unique blend of live, interactive music, and personal stories filled with humor and humility, Jeremy is able to create an environment cloaked in authenticity where it is cool to HOPE more, LEARN more, LOVE more and DO more. Taking advantage of the fact that music creates memories and communicates the unknowable; Jeremy sends audiences out the door with an experience they will never forget.