Jeremy Bates

Beginning our camp experience we had the opportunity to learn from one of the most genuine people we have had the pleasure of meeting. Mr. Jeremy Bates spoke to us about his life and the challenges he has overcome on the path to becoming a hero. He taught us about decision making and how every one of us can be a hero too. Thanks to Jeremy we now have the power of the 4 H’s Hope, Humor, Head, and Hero.


Dr. Robbi Dotson

With Robbi we had the amazing honor to learn from a living american Legend. A man with degrees for his degrees. A man who has seen the absolute best and worst of people. Robbi told us his story of growing up destitute in Louisiana and being the first person from his neighborhood to go college. Robbi also taught u more about ourselves in the three hours he was with us than we had learned in a lifetime of knowing us. He did this using the human factor experience where we all identified our personality types using four cards. Compassion, Energy, Structure, and Knowledge. We took these lessons to heart to both identify our weaknesses and utilize our strengths in leadership and in everyday life.

Chau Yoder

Chau taught us mindfulness not only on Wednesday when she was our fabulous guest speaker, not just every morning at 6 AM when she led Chi Gong, or during free time when she led a session of mindfulness meditation we called Chau-ing out. But every minute of the day in her actions, her words, and her incomparable hugs. Chau taught us exercises in being mindful in everything we do, as well as guided meditation. She also taught us about leading with the beginners mind and being open to suggestion and just having an open mind in general. Chau was also kind enough to lead us in songs about the beauty of life and being mindful, as well as giving out books on being mindful.