The team building paradigm was forever changed in 2000, when Odyssey Teams invented Life Cycles, the original bike building team building program that changed an industry. Since that time more than 80,000 employees of the world’s largest organizations from Australia to Russia have built in excess of 19,000 bikes for children while transforming the way they think about work. Life Cycles is a perfect example of the ripple effect that comes from paying it forward.  We are proud to bring the power of Life Cycles to students from middle school to college who are looking for ways to give back. Through the life cycle of creating something valuable and passing it on to the end user, your students will experience firsthand the value of collaboration, leadership and teamwork. Available in both Life Cycles LIVE (with expert facilitation by Odyssey Teams) and the new DIY Life Cycles Team building kit. Learn more by selecting one below.

Check out this program Nick Harris, Scott Amick, Ross Field and Craig Cooper facilitated in Kansas City! Changing the world - one program at a time!

Purchase this DIY kit in order to facilitate the Life Cycles program yourself!

+How Life Cycles was Born

Life Cycles was a game changer in our company and industry. My Odyssey colleagues had thought of an idea of building bikes as a metaphor for product in the workplace – a chance to demonstrate teamwork and collaboration and then donate the bikes to kids after the program. As the lead facilitator for this first program, I was learning more about the challenges and marketplace of the client. In my discovery, it became clear they had lost sight of the customer. They were so focused on systems, they had forgotten the fundamental purpose that drove their results, processes, and relationships. The lightbulb went on and I knew it would not be powerful enough to just donate the bikes. This client, these participants, needed to see the face of their customer.

We have continued to shape the Life Cycles experience to yield ever more powerful lessons. And it never gets old hearing the hundreds, if not thousands, of people coming up to us after the program explaining: “I have been with this company for X years and have seen everything, I was thinking ‘another teambuilding, ugh’…this was such a great surprise – the best program I have ever been through. Thank you.”

People were ready for something more relevant, memorable, and lasting. Life Cycles. What a great part of our client’s Odyssey. If it has not been a part of yours yet, contact us and see what all the talk is about.

+Can Students Do a Life Cycles Program

While Give Back Activites were born in a corporate setting, they are just as powerful, if not more powerful for students. Students will buy in to work that has meaning, challenge and worth. This is the chance for students to have the opportunity to feel the impact of their work in a tangible way. They must come together to complete a difficult task, and look at how they are working together to achieve a goal.

+ What is included in a Live Program

Customized/Expert facilitation: A conference call will be set-up with one of our tenured facilitators to discuss specific messaging, desired learning objectives, interactive components, and pacing of the Life Cycles™ program.

Odyssey youth coordination: Odyssey Teams has developed relationships and partnerships with virtually every Boys and Girls Club and YMCA throughout the US, and several youth organizations abroad. We partner with them to identify those children in most need of a new bicycle. We arrange their arrival, on-site coordination, and departure.

Top of the line bike sets: Raleigh/Diamondback bicycles, helmets, and locks at a ratio of one for every five of your team members. This ratio ensures a highly interactive and engaging experience for all participants.

Bike quality control: Expert bicycle technicians will ‘wrench-on’ every part of every bicycle immediately following the program and prior to being delivered to the children.

Tipping Points ™ : Developed at a previous program with Malcolm Gladwell, author of “The Tipping Point”, this process will continue the learning and inspiration. At the end of the program, each person will be asked to write an original quote, insight, or words of encouragement on a card with their e-mail address. Each workday we will send one of these messages to everyone in the group. This helps ‘tip’ individuals and teams into the behaviors that drive better performance in all areas and will reconnect them to the power of the Life Cycles™ experience.

+ The Results So Far

Over 16,000 bicycles have been built by more than 1,000 clients since Odyssey invented this original bike building team building program that changed an industry program in October of 2000.

+ DIY Life Cycles Kit

You now have the option of delivering Life Cycles yourself. WE provide all the supplies, facilitation materials and back-end support. Contact us for more information


How much time does it take? Two hours = Minimum. Three hours = Powerful context, ample integration and application. Four hours = Transformational.

Should we keep the bikes and children a surprise for the attendees? Absolutely. Because we use the experience as a simulation for business the surprise element allows the experience to more powerfully reflect the metaphor of product and customer.

What time of the day should we do the program? Afternoon whenever possible. This will avoid complications and the challenge of having children miss school.

How much space is needed? The ideal set-up is 30 square feet per participant with chairs in theater/chevron style. We have worked with a multitude of venue sizes and spaces with more and less than the ideal of 30sq. ft. per participant.

How many bikes will we donate? One bike set (Raleigh/Diamondback Bicycle, Helmet and Lock) per five participants.

What is the min/max group size? We’ve done Life Cycles for as few as 15 and as many as 1,500 and could go higher with the right combination of venue/space etc.