Discover Your Potential 

An odyssey is a journey marked by notable occurrences.


With 24 years of experience in the industry, Odyssey knows it's stuff! We bring true professionals to the educational development, leadership and teambuilding industries. Our programs are delivered with deliberate intention and a lot of heart. We at Odyssey for Youth value giving back to our communities by helping people become the best version of themselves.

tailored programs

Odyssey for Youth offers programs specifically designed for your needs and goals. We strive to improve the effectiveness of students and facilitators alike by covering the core issues YOU want to address.


Odyssey youth programs are customized for a wide range of student and youth groups, including leadership teams, student governments, sports teams, and at-risk youth. Odyssey youth programs range from school retreats to on-going training and adventure-based workshops. All Odyssey youth programs are interactive, challenging, and fun to maximize participation, learning, and application.

facilitator trainings

Odyssey's facilitator trainings or in-service trainings are designed for educators committed to improving the learning environment. Not only will you build a stronger staff or team, but each member will learn new techniques for the classroom and team management, including FACILITATION SKILLS and EXPERIENTIAL ACTIVITIES to incorporate into existing curriculum.