Paradise Ropes Course - Odyssey Teams


Our 20 year partnership with the Paradise Parks and Recreation District has allowed us to build and maintain a “Hidden Gem” amongst the trees at 3500 Moore Road in Paradise, CA. This beautifully maintained natural setting is ideal for getting out of the classroom and away from the office in order to breathe the fresh air that blows through our course on The Ridge. A quick 30 minute drive up the Skyway from Chico, our course has four elements(activities in the trees) that are sure to excite your class, team, or office mates. For group sizes 15-300.

The High V

Participants will quickly learn that they must meet their partner half way on this exciting team building element. As the experience progresses, the cables that support the participants grow increasingly far apart - requiring greater teamwork, support, and communication. Before climbing to 30 feet off the ground, participants are given an opportunity to tell their support teams how they would like to be supported when they leave the course and return to their every-day environment.

The Leap of Faith - aka The Pole

Every step up the ladder leads the participant closer to a life changing moment - the moment in which they leap off the top of the 25 foot tall pole towards a free hanging trapeeze. Facing the fear of heights, overcoming self doubt, testing grit, and leaping towards goals are all elements of the Leap of Faith. Years after the program, participants will remember the moment they reached deep within so that they may leap!

The Flying Squirrel

Teams work together to give the participants a ride that they will not soon forget! Soaring through the trees, the Flying Squirrel allows participants a chance to feel flight on the wings of teamwork. This thrilling element is a great way to end a program at our Paradise Ropes Course.