Here we have the major places where camp happened

 The Bar 717 Ranch

Each of the following locations is a smaller part of the massive whole that is the Bar 717 Ranch. The ranch was our home for Camp Royal, from the library to the grass area, to the apple orchard, from the top of the amphitheater, past all the girls platforms further down past the boys platforms all the way down to the ropes course. The ranch was our sprawling outdoor beautiful playground complete with bathrooms, a library, a basketball court, a volleyball court, animals of all kinds, and the kindest staff we could have asked for.

bar 717 2.jpg
campfire 3.jpg

The campfire

The campfire area could be found at the very top of the camp near the amphitheater and was always lit after our evening speakers and skits. Here you could hear terrifying ghost stories, debrief and talk about the day, join in raucous camp songs, or just hold a friend and hangout. Seth was our fire master and kept us safe and kept us partying. We even got to hear some words of affirmation and inspiration on Friday night from Lain and some of our counselors.

The Eating Platform

This was a place i held very near and dear to my heart, because this is where food happened. Every morning, noon, and evening we had served to us the most amazing meals and there was always just enough to not be wasteful but still be full. Two platforms every meal had the honor of setting up before and then we cleaned up as a group to ensure maximum efficiency. During free time we would also find little snacks and there was always wonderful conversations to be had at the eating platform after evening speakers. A special shout out and thanks to the awesome kitchen staff who kept us fed and happy!

Eating platform 2.JPG