The Ropes Course at Richardson Springs - Odyssey Teams

Our Ropes Course at Richardson Springs has seen thousands of participants over the 20 years of partnership between Odyssey Teams and Richardson Springs. Located just north of the Chico Airport, this secluded community allows the ideal setting for taking your youth participants “off the grid”. That’s right, no cell service and no wifi distractions allow the participants to enjoy the two exciting elements that are a staple of our programs at Richardson Springs.

The Climbing Tower

Participants climb side by side as they make their way up the 35 foot climbing wall, together! Perfect for your next field trip or STEM related lesson, the Climbing Tower allows our seasoned facilitators the ideal team building tool for participants as young as 5th grade and as old as can climb. The Climbing Tower builds grit, trust, and communication skills in a fun and supportive environment - come try it today!

The Flying Squirrel

Teams work together to give each other a ride that they won’t soon forget! Participants get an opportunity to tell the group “what they are flying towards” before the team pulls them almost 40 feet into the air. The feeling of being pulled upwards, quickly, is sure to put a smile on the face of each participant as they realize that they are being supported by each of their classmates on the pull teams below. Odyssey for Youth operates via a “Challenge by Choice” principle that allows participants to chose the level of their flight - scared of heights? - no problem! Take an elevator ride instead of swinging, you will be supported no matter what your participation level.

Facilitating the Flying Squirrel is one of my favorite events - participants learn that they cannot fly alone and that every person on their team matters if we are all to fly towards our goals.
— Scott Amick - Lead Facilitator