We believe in the power of our programs to empower students to make changes in their own lives.  We wish we had the resources to donate programs to all the students in the world who are in need of something to think about, something to do and something to feel. We want the opportunity to try to connect those who want to give, with those in need of a little help. 

Sometimes, the greatest gift of all is in an experience. For students, our programs have often been described as "life changing." If you have experienced the power of an Odyssey program and want to continue to giveback. Donate one or our programs to a youth program of your choice OR take a look below at the stories of those who would love to participate in our programs. Make a Difference.

Sponsor FAQ's

+ Who should donate?

Corporations, companies, individuals, or anyone looking to make a significant impact on kids lives

+ Who can we donate to?

  • If you have participated in one of our programs, you can sponsor a program for the the class or organization of the group you originally worked with to impact more lives.
  • If you know of another group or organization that is in need of leadership, empowerment or giveback programs you can contact us and we can walk you through how to make a direct donation to the school or organization of your choice.
  • Take a look at one of the applications for scholarships on our website, and see why they are looking to do an Odyssey program.
  • You can also write a scholarship and define your own terms and have programs apply to receive the scholarship. Odyssey will send you all the applicants and you can choose the recipient.

+ What kind of programs are available?

Take a look at OUR PROGRAMS to find out more about the different type of programs we offer for youth and the adults that support them.

+ How much do programs cost?

It depends on the program. If you are looking at the scholarship candidates there will be an amount they are looking to raise. You can donate all or part of their program cost. If you are looking to donate to an outside group, feel free to talk to an Odyssey for Youth representative who will help you decide what the best program is within your budget for the school or organization you are looking to support.

+ Do you have tax documentation to write off the donation?

Donations will go directly to the youth organizations themselves. Most schools and non-profit applicants will have the necessary documentation.


In need of a Scholarship? 

For a need based program-specific scholarship application, fill out the application below. 

+ How it works

  • Companies can sponsor an applicant for all or part of the program fee to bring an Odyssey program to you.
  • Be specific about what programs you are looking for and why.
  • Go to the programs page and contact an Odyssey Representative to get a quote for a program with your group

+ Who should apply

Programs with significant financial need and the desire to create positive change in the youth in your organization.

Current Applicants


Name of Organization: 

Type of Program

Why they feel it's valuable to their students

Why they need some help making it happen!