Board Meeting Kit

Board Meeting Final.png
Board Meeting Final.png

Board Meeting Kit


This is The Board Meeting. Now, turn off the phone. Get out of your desk and lube up your bearings cause you’re gonna build skateboards for kids. You’ll help them in the creative and mechanical aspects of their ride. Just as you’d expect from all things Odyssey, we’ve packed it with metaphors and meaning so you can learn new tricks and nail your craft.  DIY Board Meeting Teambuilding kit. Whichever suits you, The Board Meeting is rad! 

Each kit is designed for 4 participants

Each kit includes:

  • 1 Blank Deck
  • Clear Grip Tape
  • Trucks, wheels, bearings, screws/nuts
  • Assembly tools
  • Helmet, knee, elbow, wrist pads
  • Skater backpack
  • Design/decoration materials
  • Assembly instructions
  • Facilitators's guidebook  

Does not include: Facilitation by Odyssey for Youth. Coordination or distribution/transportation to charity/recipients. 


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