Who are the lovely ladies of Sluice Box?

Counselor: Jamie

Campers: Syd, Jayna, Quincy, Kylie, Annesia, Jannat, Darian, and Nicole 

About Sluice Box: 

Welcome to Sluice Box. Our platform had hearts of beautiful, unique personalities that truly capture the essence of Camp Royal. This platform evolved together as the week progressed on; friendships were formed, jokes were shared, and stories were exchanged. To top it all off, the bright and vibrant personalities that made up this platform truly shined at Camp Royal and made the platform what it truly was; a fun, loving place to be. Nicole, with her awesome volleyball skills; Annesia with her quiet but sweet personality; Darian with her helpfulness and giving nature; Kylie, with her outgoing and bubbly personality; Syd, with her humorous nature; Quincy, with her sweet and caring personality; Jayna, with her leadership skills; Jannat with her immense knowledge and kind nature; and most of all, Jamie, the best counselor at camp, with her kind but hilarious personality that brought life to Sluice Box. All these personalities combined together made Sluice Box not only a fun place to be, but also a supportive environment. Though the first few days of Camp Royal were shaky, Sluice Box stuck together and pulled through and came out in the end as the best of friends. The connections that were formed among this platform are lifelong, and the people in this platform will always have each other’s backs. Together, each and everyone of these different but beautiful personalities contributed in a meaningful way to what it means to be at Camp Royal - a home that is safe and welcome to all.


“Tashi Deley”

“Waterfall … Waterfall”

“PBS … Pause, Breathe, Smile”

“Kryptonite is our past … something that makes us powerful or powerless.”

“The chief cause of failure in life is when you sacrifice what you want most for what feels good in the moment”

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