Who are the lordly lads of Snakepit?

Counselor: Cole

Campers: Thomas, Will, Slayden, Shazil, Jac, Gabe, Esai, Cameron, and caleb.

About Snake Pit: 

Snake Pit often found itself to be the butt of many jokes, mainly in skits, but also in casual disses throughout the day. This did not discourage the men of Snake Pit but rather served to bolster our confidence and boldness through our actions and words. No one could bring down the spirit of this group no matter what they did. With table games and late night talks after lights out Snake pit formed bonds stronger than any of us could have imagined, we arrived as kids who had never met and were unsure what to expect and we left as nothing short of brothers. Accompanied by the wise guidance of Cole, the camp Royal experience has changed every single one of us for the better.


“Wintoon more like lose toon”

“Happy birthday Cole”

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