Odyssey Teaming  - Staff Development

The program


When people are given the opportunity to connect, converse, and contribute to one another, anything can be accomplished. The Staff Development Odyssey Teaming Session seeks to shift engagement levels and create team cohesion. The result is your  school or organization seeing first hand what is possible to achieve when everyone is on the same page working towards their maximum potential. This session provides skills and awareness that are generative – providing applications that can be translated to most any team to create a shift regarding process, relationships, and results.

Inspiration is needed at times to dust off an old belief or pattern. Our program allows educators to acquire a fresh perspective, and prompts them to remember what is important (which is often the little things). We believe that people learn and retain skills and insights best when they are involved in an experience that is challenging and non-threatening. We provide a safe place to be a beginner, to practice a new thought or competence. Upon establishing that ‘experience,’ we provide a platform for discussing observations and correlations.

The Relevance

Today's educators teach to a wide array of standards. This program fits seamlessly into the established framework, providing educators with the skills and abilities needed to teach effectively. The College and Career Readiness Anchor Standards for Speaking and Listening laid out in the Common Core standards have teachers preparing students to communicate effectively in college and their careers. (See CSS.ELA-Literacy.CCRA.SL)

 The Standards listed above can be more easily and effectively taught when we are proficient ourselves. Proficiency requires practice and tools to draw from. Our program provides a non-threatening platform to fine tune communication between partners, groups and teams using engaging and challenging activities. To continue to communicate effectively when experiencing a challenge is the goal of the program.  It is easier to teach to the Standards listed above when we are proficient ourselves. Proficiency requires practice and tools to draw from.

Accountable communication is paramount for a leader. A leader must be aware of their preferred style of communicating, how they may create roadblocks for others, and what may trigger conflict and how best to deal with it when it is present. Authenticity, acknowledgements, and inclusion are in the mix too.

the process


We will help you identify the specific goals and organizational values that the Odyssey Teaming Session will deliver upon. This is done in a pre-program call between Odyssey Teams’ Lead Facilitator and administrators or organizing teachers from your school or organization.

At the Program:

Phase I – Opening/Introduction. – Designed to set a powerful context for participation, engagement, and application related to the specific organizational values and individual behaviors as identified in the pre-program coordination.

Phase II – Benchmark activities and the ART of improvement. – ART™ is the Awareness of Reflexive Tendencies and is used to identify default (reflexive) strengths and places for improvement while under pressure. Participants are given a series of challenges to determine areas requiring a more deliberate approach to balancing results, relationships and process. These are out-of-your-seat activities, experiential assessment tools and discussions.

Phase III – Debrief/Transference. – The final debrief is a process for transference of lessons, insights and application. This is done through individual reflection and small and large group discussions that connect to the accomplishment of individual, team and organizational goals.

Phase IV – Tipping Points™. – Tipping Points are original quotes and lessons authored by the attendees at the end of the program and are fed back to the entire group over time for enhanced program benefits/shelf life.

Phase V – Close.


How much time is needed? 
Two to five hours is the usual range.
What size of group? 
We’ve done programs with anywhere from 10 to 500 people.
How much space is needed? 
Chairs only – approximately 15-20 sqft per person.
Indoors or out? 
90% of our programs are indoors…outside works too.
What else? 
Lets talk about it.