Odyssey Teaming for Teachers and Administration Staff

Are you tired of the "Same Old Stuff" during your staff development days?  Let Odyssey For Youth come and blow your socks off with a day of FUN and TRANSFORMATIVE programs like you've never seen before!  

Odyssey for Youth is in a unique position in the Teambuilding Industry - we have a dedicated staff of facilitators that have the pleasure of working with BOTH students and the teachers and staff that they interact with. We live in BOTH worlds, staying deeply connected to the learning process, youth culture, and the challenges that face teachers and administration. What makes our staff and thus our programs so unique is the broad range of experience that we have under our belt. As you read on about our facilitators, you will recognize that we have the right person and the right program to facilitate your vision for your staff development day(s).


Experience and Enthusiasm

Holly Hoeksema heads up our Staff Development events.  With over 20 years of education experience under her belt, Holly brings unparalleled passion, expertise, and impact as she facilitates programs that your staff will benefit from for years to come.  Having been "in the trenches" for many years as a classroom teacher with a variety of student populations, she understands the unique joys and challenges of an educator's life.  She'll work with you to create a day that focuses around themes that you select--after all, you know your staff best!  (And if you're not sure what you want, she'll do the work with you beforehand to help figure out what your staff needs!)  

The signature program that Holly represents is titled "Building Trust Through Clear Communication Practices". Click HERE to see the typical program flow, pricing, and other FAQ's. 

Holly is proud to have worked with the following schools:

  • California State University, Chico - Student Success Center
  • California State University, Santa Cruz
  • Blue Oak Charter School - Chico, California
  • Butte Junior College - Summer Bridge Program
  • Pee Wee Preschool - Chico California
  • Davis High School - Davis, California