This unique team workshop helps teams, students, and other participants unlock the mysteries of their true nature to discover their Super Powers. We'll show you how to connect with your inner Superhero and use it to improve your life, classroom, organization or business.

When Odyssey comes to town, Superheroes are created. Check out this program we facilitated in Kansas City at the Teen Summit!



They are among us everyday. They answer the call (or cause) in both subtle and world-changing ways.

 The comic book and movie varieties are loaded with powerful metaphors of life, school, and work.   

 The Superhero Workshop is designed as a fast-paced experiential journey to build heroic individuals and cultures. 

Upon completion - PARTICIPANTS ARE ABLE TO...

Articulate their unique power – What makes them heroic?

Understand that powers are manifested – by birthright, random act, technology, choice

Defend against villains and super-villains – Every superhero has them

We all have a pocketful of Kryptonite. It’s our past. We can’t change it - it can either make us a powerhouse or it can bring us to our knees. This unique workshop helps participants unlock the mysteries of their true nature to discover their inner Superhero. Every single person has SUPER POWERS. We fully believe it, we’ve seen it in action. We’ll show you how to connect with yours - how to use it to improve your life, organization or business. We’ll also address and identify “villains.” The obstacles, thought patterns, negativity bullies, culture, or competitors that are keeping you or your organization from launching to identify and beyond! We’ll even show you how to convert your villains form the Dark Side to the Bright Side of The Force. It’s fun! It’s powerful! It’s Odyssey!

Ready to book a Superhero Workshop, but you want to know what the program flow looks like? Below is a sample of what a 2.5 - 3 hour program looks like. 

0:00-0:02 VIP introduces Odyssey Lead Facilitator – summarizes the overall event components/objectives thus far, talks about the importance of practice/experience/emotional-visceral connection. Odyssey is back. Please welcome…

0:02-0:012 Intro/context/outcomes/linkage to overall meeting or event concepts: Begins with the work we’ve been doing, Helping Hands stats – video/images. Making a difference – Introduce the idea of the Superhero workshop – segue from doing heroic deeds like Helping Hands to everyday actions – answering the call in life and at school.

0:12-0:25 Definition of Superhero (includes Superheroine e.g. ‘actor’ to include actor and actress) examples (fictional and real-life), video, table group discussion/report outs

0:25-0:35 Becoming a superhero: How did/do they acquire their super-power? Birth-rite, random act, technology, choice, etc. discussion – pairs/report outs

0:35-0:55 Superhero cause: With great power comes great responsibility. The Why of your heroic deeds. What is your heroic cause – at school, in life? Five Why’s activity - Answering the Call: When do you (or don’t you) answer? Why is it important to you to answer?
Discussion/interview – New pairs/report outs

0:55-1:10 Kryptonite: What gives you power that also takes it away?
Discussion – New pairs/report outs

1:10-1:25 Villains: Identify the villains and supervillains

1:25-1:40 Flextime for above components and/or short break

1:40-2:08 Little Voices activity – role play heroic support and villainous ways

2:08-2:18 T-shirt storyboard/Your Superhero Name/Superhero Social
White T-shirts & Sharpies – A wearable journal/Superhero wardrobe - we will also have scrap material for capes/eye masks

2:18-2:22 Odyssey wrap up T-Shirt Storyboard Social – Instructions for Tipping Points

2:22-2:26 Tipping Points – Original quotes authored by group to continue the message(s), challenge, and support of the Superhero participants.

2:26-2:30 Odyssey summary close/thanks/baton pass back to program organizer