Who are the lovely ladies of Talking Timbers?

Counselor: Elise

Campers: Marisol, Jailey, Alondra, Lauren, Vivien, Kelly, Melody, Koko, Ashley, And kayla

About Talking timbers:

The Talking Timbers are a fun, supportive, and close knit group. Although there is a wide variety of personality types, we are able to get along extremely well and make a memorable experience at camp. As a result of our outgoing and fun personalities, we started truth or dare during meal times, played tag on the first day, and did as much as we could throughout the week to make camp fun and interesting. During free time and at night we shared our personal experiences, both sad and happy, which served to bring us closer together. our favorite bonding experience took place during free time on the volleyball court which helped us to work together and support each other. we also used out personal experiences and our special brand of humor to make a hilarious skit. We plan to stay in touch and become even closer friends after camp.


“Camp Royal Taught me a lot about finding myself and being a better leader for those around me”

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