What is the odyssey to Camp Royal?

An Odyssey, as we learned at camp, is a journey marked by notable occurrences. While the Odyssey Teams were our leaders for all of camp, the emotional journey they took us on to become our best selves and open up to the very idea of learning is perfectly personified in two specific notable occurrences. The ropes course and breakthroughs.

The ropes course.

The ropes course was a pivotal moment in the Camp Royal experience that helped us as campers open up and express our true emotions that had been held back. It had key takeaways that were unique to each one of us but mostly had to do with our inner strength and overcoming struggle. This event happened over the course of most of the day Thursday and consisted of 4 activities each ran by a different facilitator.

The Wall ran by Lain was an activity where we gave power to the wall in something that was keeping us from our goals, then using our friends help and our own strength we climbed over the 13 foot wall signifying that was can get past our blocks.

The bridge ran by Elise which taught us that we all go through experiences differently and some people need help and some people don’t.

The trust fall ran by Jerad where we chose to fall and to trust in our peers to catch us through our down times.

Finally the flying Squirrel ran by Scott where we strapped in to a harness and let our peers fly us over 60 feet in the air which signified that with a little help from our friends we can fly right over any obstacle.

Throughout this experience every single one of us learned a hundred things about ourselves and about each other. We opened up in ways we may not have thought possible and we received love we had previously though impossible from both our peers, our facilitators, and our counselors.


Breakthroughs were an amazing experience where we were given a board and instructed to write our goals, dreams, who we wanted to be, and lots of good things on one side, and on the other we wrote the many things in life we felt held us back. Then one of our awesome facilitators Lain, Scott, Elise, Nick, Andrea, or Cole held the board with the bad side facing us and we used our hands to break through the board to the good side showing us that NOTHING would stand in our way to get to where we wanted to go.