Who are the lovely ladies of Tip Top?

Counselor: Sam

Campers: Briley, Anabel, Angela, Montanna, Mahek, Alison, Maria, Lina, and Clara.

About Tip Top:

The Tip Top platform was a diverse amalgamation of the creative, curious, and overall amazing young women of Camp Royal, each one of us brought something different to the group. Camp has been filled with late nights getting to know each other and changing from strangers to acquaintances to friends to a beautifully unique family. Something we all highly value is friendship, over the course of less than a week we have gracefully gone from awkward ice breaking small talk to thought provoking questions centering around life at home, life at camp, the past, the present, the future, and most everything in between. Our passion for leadership has created a group of strong young women ready to change the world.


“Hydrate or diedrate”

“There are more molecules in one eye than there are galaxies in the entire universe”

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