Who are the lovely ladies of Trailside?

Counselor: Mama Jane

Campers: Sarah, Olivia, Kalee, Rique, Kennedy, Reubie, Athena, and Caroline.

About Talking timbers:

From barely knowing each other to laughing hysterically before lights out, this platform made memories we will never forget. We’ve learned to trust and work with each other. From clogged toilets or saving each other from dogs with poison oak we would do anything for one another. At this camp we have made long lasting friendships. We wont forget Sarah who was injury prone, but always made us laugh. Rique with her amazing braiding skills. Kennedy and Athena the Volleyball powerhouses who brought down the counselor team. Kalee who has the most amazing voice ever. Olivia who was our voice at camp council. Caroline who made our skits with her spot on acting. Reubie who’s laugh is so contagious. Or of course mama Jane who led us with her caring and loving personality and made everyone feel welcome. The girls of Trailside will be forever grateful for the friends and memories we made at Camp Royal.


“Accept the greatness within yourself”

“Hard work doesn’t ensure success but the lack of it will ensure failure”

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