Who are the lovely ladies of Twin Fawns?

Counselor: Nicole

Campers: Aditi, Rose, Eva, Abby, Emily, Eden, Ellie, Cami, Sophia, Yesenia

About Twin Fawns: 

These friendly, upbeat girls have a unique and diverse flavor that would make anyone want to join in. We created an instant connection that will last a lifetime. Despite our differences, we all admire the beauty behind each other’s walls. Through late nights (of course NEVER past lights out), we’ve discovered the plethora of personalities that make Twin Fawns who we are. We’re just a quirky group of gals who by chance got the opportunity to sleep on the same platform. We’re grateful for this opportunity that Rotary has given us, and amazing life skills that Camp Royal, Lain, Odyssey Teams and the rest of the outstanding speakers have given us to excel in our lives moving forward. The Twin Fawns cabin has given us our own little family within our limited number of days, and moving to the future will trust in each other and put love and hope to each other’s success. Peace out from Twin Fawns 2019, we’ll miss you. 

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