Who are the lovely ladies of Wintoon?

Counselor: Andrea

Campers: Mia, Ava, Ilse, Jalene, Cynthia, Devon, Karina, Katie, Tate, and Adrienne.

About Wintoon: 

Wintoon is a platform like no other, we made sure of that from day one letting our eclectic group of differing yet complimentary personalities shine from the get go. It didn’t take us long to become the closest of friends helped along the way by Andrea’s veteran leadership and wise beyond her years understanding and care. We came together and enjoyed the challenges of camp, everyday learning new things about ourselves, our friends, and our wonderful counselor. You could find us at any time playing volleyball, socializing, talking theatre, playing instruments, or just hanging out, but you would never find us without a smile. Wintoon is winning, always.

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